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Pam, Client Service Representative

pam-ccr-001Pam’s journey with Franklin Animal Clinic began in 1999 as a receptionist. Although Pam now spends the majority of her time in the phone center, she can still be found helping in the pharmacy and in the reception.

Pam attended and graduated from Columbus North with a degree in business before joining the ranks of FAC. This is the only veterinary practice that she has ever worked for and it has been a great fit for her. Meeting new people and their pets is something that Pam really enjoys about her job.

Pam’s husband and son, Michael and Aaron, both reside with her in Franklin. She also has another son, although four-legged, that is a black and tan miniature dachshund who goes by Mickey. 101 Dalmatians is the movie of choice for Pam and her sons. Aaron enjoys watching the movie with his mom while Mickey enjoys barking at the dogs on the screen!

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