Franklin Animal Clinic
24 Hour Care Hospital

Phone: (317) 736-9246

Franklin Animal Clinic At Greenwood Park
Advanced Wellness Center

Phone: (317) 885-8387


"After taking my cat to the f.a.c.e. clinic and sugar Grove animal clinic and Noah's animal clinic and 24 hr hospital twice I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with Kit Kats severe allergy issues. I wish I would have come to the Franklin animal clinic 1st! Awesome staff got me in with no appointment and able to work with me on payments. And Dr. Mills you are my savior Kit Kat and I can't thank you enough!!!!!!" - Amanda

"I love this place. They take the best care of all my furbabies. They are prompt, receptive to questions and concerns, and always professional. I trust all the staff, including the veterinarians who work there. They have after hour emergency hours, which is important to me. Highly recommend!" -Kathy

"I think they r very careing they kept Tom for two days trying everything to save him they didnt want to put him down and they just show how much they really care about ur pets i will never go any othet place they have been wonderful to all my pets." - Donna

"We've taken our dogs to Dr.Mills for 15 years. He is caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. Always thinking outside of the box and up to date on all the latest treatment options. Our dogs like him too. 🐕🐕 We will not go anywhere else!" - Christy

"Thank you for taking such great care of our kittens (Kitty Corn & Parker James). They are back to their playful selves.
We appreciate the call the day after they came home to check on them!" - Megan

"We've been bringing our dog here for a year and half now and have always had a great experience. The staff is wonderful and it's clear that they care about your pet first and foremost. They're not going to recommend a service or product just for the sake of making some extra money - they want you to do what's best for your furry friend. We'll be moving to Avon soon and will be making the 40 minute drive to continue coming here!" - Brett

"I love that they care about every single aspect of my.cats care. I have one that is so sensitive to normal shots. They provided an alternative that works. SO VERY HAPPY. he is happy and healthy and not in pain after his yearly. Thank you all so much for caring for my.cats like I do." - Tanya

"Absolutely love this place! From the people that answer the phones, to the techs, to Dr Mills himself - they are all top notch, super helpful and NEVER make you feel like they don't have time to listen to what you're saying (or that you're stupid for asking a question (or a hundred)! Have been to enough vets in my life to know we will never look for another. They've taken care of all our animals for the past 7 years through sickness, routine checks, and surgery. Cannot say enough great things about this place. They are always at or below their quoted prices and have never let us down with the level of care and compassion they have shown. Thank you for everything in treating our furry family!" - Justin

"Have always treated our dogs great. Love the vets and assistants! Awesome folks and reasonable pricing for the furbaby care. " - Eric

"Franklin animal clinic is the best. All the docs care and listen. The staff are friendly and helpful. They even have blankets sprayed with something that calms your kitties in the waiting room. I have 2 is very sensitive to the vaccination. They found a way to give him his vaccine that he isn't suffering for 3 days. I love them!" - Tanya

"I had been looking for a new vet when a friend recommended FAC. I am super impressed. I have a difficult dog that doesn't enjoy going to the vet and they have been very helpful in trying to make it easy on both him and me. I have to drive 35 mins to get to them but it's worth it knowing they are going to treat my most difficult dog with love and care. That has earned them the business of all my other easy dogs. The staff there is great from start to finish and the pricing is reasonable. I highly recommend them!" - Tara Harvey

"I was faced with a difficult decision concerning my 7 yr. old Anatolian Shepard on Nov. 3. The staff was kind, sensitive, compassionate and explained everything that involved my precious boy. There are no words to express how comforting it was knowing that I wasn't judged on my decision but supported with understanding! Thank you all so much! I miss Barley terribly but know that I made the right decision and he's in a better place" - Tina Beaman Garriott

"Dr. Mills rescued us today! Our dog got stung and his face, neck, and head swelled. I was very worried about his airway! The clinic ushered us to a room immediately and Dr. Mills worked a miracle! This is not the first time we've had this kind of experience here! I would HIGHLY recommend this facility!" - Leslie Brummett-Douglass

"This place is TOP notch! They are always super friendly...and not just the receptionist and vet techs either, but the actual Vets themselves. They always take their time when explaining things to us about our babies. They always make sure you know up front what the possibilities are and how much each scenario may end up costing. So far, the work that we've had done over the past few years has not once totaled the quoted amount. That's AMAZING! They are super fair and very trustworthy. It is such a great feeling to know you can trust people like if I could just find a vehicle mechanic even half as honest, I'd be set! To the team at F.A.C. - Thank you so much for everything from the bottom of my family's hearts. :) Customer for life!" - Justin King

"I have to say I've been to a lot of different vets and this one is the BEST, they care more about your animals health than money, I was recommended franklin animal clinic by 3 different people." - Abigail Abigail

"I love this place. They have treated us so nice from the first visit. The Doctors, techs to receptionist have been awesome. Special shout out to Dr. Jordan, Dr. P, and Dr. Daniels." - Kris Hughes

"You did a great job today with my dog dj!! From the detail explanation in her surgery to helping her out to the car- your vets and staff rock!! Thank you!!" - Teshia Unger

"##RubyPuggles says, my mommie took me 2 the Greenwood office. They were soo nice :-) I had lots of itchy scratchys, but NO fleas. I got a steroid shot & a huge chew pill 4 in case I do get fleas. Took a few days, but I AM NOW ITCHY FREE:-) :-) :-) I got lots of petting & a few belly rubs 2. They were free, lol. I'M DUE 4 A bath later today & some anti_biotic ointment 4 my boo boo spots. Thank You Franklin Animal Clinic 4 not only my peace of mind, but my mommies also!!! Love, Ruby Puggles" - Susie Richards

"Just left this clinic and we will be back in 6 months! We saw Dr. Amy Smith and Javier and they were both fantastic! My husband and I have been sent from one vet to the next to find out the issue with our cats heart and we got our answers today. They weren't what we wanted to hear but she explained everything very well and told us what we need to do and what the future could be like with our cats issue. We felt very comfortable and we will be back in 6 months for a check up on her heart. We found a new place to take our fur-babies! Thanks again for such wonderful service!" - Malissa Carson

"My bullmastff Yada had knee surgery in Dec of 2015. Dr. Andrew Mills was the only Dr that gave us hope that he could restore our beloved Yadas knee. Today May 17 2016. My dog ran for the first time since her accident. We want to thank Dr. Mills and his staff for treating us with kindness and hope. We are forever grateful for saving our girls life. God Bless you!❤, and all the creatures!!" - Laura A Hutchens

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