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Our Team


Dr. Andrew P. Mills, DVM


At the young age of 14 Dr. Andrew Mills joined the Franklin Animal Clinic family as a kennel assistant. In 2002, his career as a veterinarian began after graduating from Ross University and in 2006 he became partner. From the beginning, Dr. Mills has held a passion for the complicated cases and orthopedic surgeries. The most common orthopedic surgeries that he performs are procedures to repair cranial cruciate ligament ruptures and luxating patellas. Surgical repair options for ruptured CCLs that he provides are either a Lateral Retinacular Suture or a Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA).

Dr. Mills now serves as the medical director for Franklin Animal Clinic and 6 other surrounding practices. With this role he has been able to help another passion of his grow, which is mentoring other veterinarians and teaching support staff. He is constantly brainstorming new ways to provide the best care for his patients (Dr. Mills affectionately refers to as “kiddos”) and their parents.

When asked what he loves most about his job he says that he loves every aspect of it and looks forward to new endeavors each month. When it comes to advancements in veterinary medicine he hopes to see treatments for cancer in pets make leaps and bounds over the next few years. He believes that immunotherapy could be a integral part of this and that it will hopefully cross into human medicine as well.

As far as pets go Dr. Mills has it all! His house is roamed by 3 dogs and 6 cats! You will also find an aquarium pet in his home, a Uromastyx lizard names Riptide! Along with his fur kids, he has 5 human kids and an ever-supporting and animal loving wife!

Dr. Steve Stropes, DVM


Dr. Steve Stropes was born in 1964 in Franklin,IN. At an early age he knew that he would ultimately become a doctor of some kind. After much soul-searching, a decision was made to attend Purdue University in a pre-professional track. All of the biology, physiology, etc. came easily and he was accepted into the veterinary school at Purdue in 1985, graduating with a DVM degree in 1989. The Stropes family had always used Franklin Animal Clinic for their veterinary care; therefore, it was natural that DR. Stropes ended up working at FAC. Dr. Stropes enjoys all aspects of general practice, especially of the people he gets to meet.

Currently, Dr. Stropes resides in Trafalger with his family on a farm. His wife of 30 years, Kelli, has given them 3 awesome children whom now range between 21 and 30 years old. Outside of the office, Dr. Stropes manages the cows, sheep, chickens, dog and cats that reside on the farm. He enjoys any outside activity, especially hiking, fishing, and variety of shooting sports. Recently, Dr. Stropes has caught the travel bug and has enjoyed traveling more with his wife.

Dr. Amy Smith, DVM


Dr. Smith grew up in southern Indiana and graduated from Purdue University. Before moving to Franklin in 2005, she spent two years at a mixed animal practice in northern Indiana.

Her favorite thing about FAC is the sense of family that continues to be present no matter the size of the practice. She says that the family just gets bigger! Being a part of this family environment, Dr. Smith appreciates the love that staff and doctors have for all of their patients and their pet parents.

Dental care is a very important area in veterinary medicine that Dr. Smith has a passion for. Along with dental care, she loves working with clinical trials to help advance veterinary medicine and improve our care to pets. When she is not working you can find Dr. Smith camping, fishing, and reading...maybe even all three at the same time!

Over the years, Dr. Smith has accumulated a Noah’s ark of pets including: dogs, cats, gerbils, geckos, ducks and chickens, and a tank of freshwater fish. She also has 2 human kiddos and a husband of 17 years.

She hopes to gradually increase the clinical trial offerings at Franklin Animal Clinic to improve care for our patients and all veterinary patients.

Dr. Chad Hennessy, DVM


Dr. Chad Hennessy was born and raised in Indianapolis. He attended undergraduate school at Bradley University where he graduated with honors with a double major in Biology and Psychology. This major combined two significant loves of his at that time which were learning and college life. After 5 short years it was time to move on.

After school, Dr. Hennessy married his college sweetheart and attended the veterinary school at Purdue University. While at Purdue, he followed his passion and studied exotic animal medicine, canine & feline dentistry, and behavior.

After graduation from veterinary school in 2004 Dr. Hennessy found his home here at Franklin Animal Clinic. FAC allows him to pursue all of his interests and more. He particularly enjoys soft tissue surgery, ultrasonography, and anything related to ferrets. When asked what his goals are he states that “being available for clients, responsiveness, caring and...meeting deadlines!” are all professional goals of his.
Currently, Dr. Hennessy resides in the Greenwood area with his wife and three beautiful children. Outside of the clinic he enjoys canoeing on Sugar Creek, soccer with friends, and time spent playing with his amazing kids.

Dr. Chris Daniels


Dr. Emily Lee


Dr. Emily Lee is another one of our Purdue Graduates (Boiler Up!) whom, in 2016, joined the Franklin Animal Clinic team. As a veterinarian, she enjoys every aspect of her job but particularly client education and helping owners make educated decisions regarding their pets health. What she enjoys about Franklin Animal Clinic is that we are a large clinic but have a small clinic feel that Dr. Lee finds herself attracted to. We offer many advanced diagnostics and treatments to clients while maintaining close relationships with clients and co-workers which are values that resonate with Dr. Lee.

Outside of work, spending time with her family and riding horses are some of her favorite activities. Dr. Lee’s fur-family consists of four dogs and four horses!

Dr. Kaija Platacis, DVM


Dr. Kaija Platacis has been a part of our team since 2011. Graduating from Purdue University in 2007, Dr. Platacis (affectionately known as Dr. P) has continued to nurture her interest in surgery and dentistry and is now known as one of our “dental guru’s”. Being a part of Franklin Animal Clinic for Dr. P is really being a part of a true team. Working alongside others who are passionate about veterinary medicine and the clients who are passionate about their pets are a driving force for her. Our Franklin location is generally fast-paced and offers advanced treatment options and diagnostic plans for our patients, which is something that Dr. P really enjoys about working here.

As a child, Dr. Platacis began to harness her desire to help animals. As she grew, she found that she enjoyed teaching others. Veterinary medicine affords her the ability to do both! Having a goal to leave each day knowing that she made the best recommendations for her clients and patients shows in her work. Dr. P looks forward to establishing relationships with her clients and watching their fur-kids grow.

Outside of “work”, Dr. P enjoys any activity that allows her to spend time with her boys, reading and participating in a book club, and scrapbooking. Family and friends are important to Dr. P and, ultimately, spending time with them are a priority of hers.

Dr. P and her family have rescued 3 pets: 2 large dogs and 1 cat. Her oldest dog she adopted while in veterinary school!

Dr. Elise Mauer


Dr. Elise Mauer recently graduated from Purdue University and treats dogs, cats and also has an interest in exotic pets. She is from Muncie, Indiana and loves to ride horses, travel and does some photography and painting. She has a dog named “Chat” that is a certified therapy dog and a cat named “Merlot”. When you meet Dr. Mauer, you find her to be a warm, friendly and compassionate person.

Dr. Jamie Jackson

Dr. Jamie Jackson was raised in South Bend, Indiana and graduated from Purdue University in 2015. From there, Dr. Jackson ventured to the Indianapolis area with her 2 pets (1 dog and 1 cat) and found a new home at Franklin Animal Clinic in 2018.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Jackson has a special interest in clinical pathology, which is analyzing disease processes via blood, urine and tissue samples. In the time that she has spent at FAC, Dr. Jackson has discovered the passion that our employees have for the pets and clients as well as their diverse interest and veterinary views. This passion is something that Dr. Jackson loves about being at Franklin Animal Clinic. As a doctor, her goals are to work with her clients in determining the best care for their pets.

In her free time, Dr. Jackson enjoys cross stitching and spending time at her parent’s lake cottage.

Dr. Robin Wagner


Dr. Robin Wagner joined the Franklin Animal Clinic at Greenwood Park team in December of 2017. She graduated from the University of Georgia and holds a special interest for internal medicine and dermatology. Being a part of Greenwood Park for Dr. Wagner is an enjoyable experience as she describes it as “cordial, relaxed and a family atmosphere”. For those who have met Dr. Wagner, you may have experienced first hand her passion for customer service. Her goal during your visit is to make sure you and your pet feel welcome and continue to always come first.

If it isn’t obvious yet, Dr. Wagner’s passion for veterinary medicine is strong and has been present her entire life. When asked, Dr. Wagner says she knew from the womb that she wanted to be a vet! Besides being a vet, Dr. Wagner enjoys spending her free time gardening and doing bead work.
Dr. Wagner’s home is filled with a variety of pets. She has 3 dogs, 3 cats, 40 chickens and 4 ducks!

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