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Dr. Amy Smith, DVM


Dr. Smith grew up in southern Indiana and graduated from Purdue University. Before moving to Franklin in 2005, she spent two years at a mixed animal practice in northern Indiana.

Her favorite thing about FAC is the sense of family that continues to be present no matter the size of the practice. She says that the family just gets bigger! Being a part of this family environment, Dr. Smith appreciates the love that staff and doctors have for all of their patients and their pet parents.

Dental care is a very important area in veterinary medicine that Dr. Smith has a passion for. Along with dental care, she loves working with clinical trials to help advance veterinary medicine and improve our care to pets. When she is not working you can find Dr. Smith camping, fishing, and reading...maybe even all three at the same time!

Over the years, Dr. Smith has accumulated a Noah’s ark of pets including: dogs, cats, gerbils, geckos, ducks and chickens, and a tank of freshwater fish. She also has 2 human kiddos and a husband of 17 years.

She hopes to gradually increase the clinical trial offerings at Franklin Animal Clinic to improve care for our patients and all veterinary patients.

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