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Angela, Veterinary Assistant

angela-001Angela graduated from high school in 1993 and began dating Jeremy, who had a crush on her during her last two years of high school. Angela and Jeremy were married in August of 1997 and then built their home in 2001 in Bargersville. In May of 2003, they welcomed their son, Reily. Reily is now an honor student who takes high ability classes and plays football in his spare time. Reily wants to attend Purdue University to become a Veterinarian and own a feline practice since he loves cats.

Originally a client, Angela began her career at Franklin Animal Clinic in September 2009. She always knew she wanted to work with animals, but never knew how much she would love her job. Angela currently works as a Veterinary Assistant while she completes her degree though Purdue University Distance Learning Program. This program will allow her to attain her Associates degree in Veterinary Technology which she hopes to have by the end of 2014. Each day is a new adventure for Angela. She never leaves without a smile on her face knowing what she has done that day and looking forward to coming back the next day. Angela says, “I get to meet new people and make new friends, the furry kind. What is not to love?”

The Burke household is filled with pets. There are three dogs: Audrey, a Labrador/Chow Chow mix; Max, a Golden Retriever mix; and Sydney, a mantle Great Dane. They also have two cats: Jeffie, a gray DMH, and Baxter, a DSH brown tabby. There are two aquariums in the Burke living room. One has two South American Cichlids with one being name Jack and the other Jill. As well as a Plecostumas who goes by Slurpy. The other aquarium has two Oriental Fire Bellied Toads named Tina and Toby. As far as how the human Burke’s feel about the furry and scaly Burkes, “Reily wants more cats, Angela wants more Great Danes, and Jeremy just wants to sleep in his own bed.”

Angela has an interest in showing Great Danes one day. The breed has really become her love. She loves to sing and occasionally does scrapbooking. In her spare time, spending time with her family and learning new things about the veterinary world are some other things she loves to do. One day Angela would like to go on vacation to Jamaica and Australia.

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